In the state of Florida the Attorney General has been hard at work to investigate seventeen alleged timeshare resale companies for fraud. One thing to think about is whether or not other states officials, such as Vermont Attorney General, should be working towards investigating alleged timeshare resale companies in their own states. This has just proven to the general public that the Florida Attorney General is seriously thinking about the consumers interests in the state of Florida. The companies under investigation have been serve subpoenas and will have to answer for any unscrupulous and illegal fraudulent practices if they are indeed guilty. The consumers in Florida have been voicing their opinions heavily and are clearly sick of being taken advantage of. With a mindset that says “Get rid of my timeshare now!” these owners are easy targets for people who make false promises of being able to sell their timeshare property.

With such unscrupulous practices these companies that call themselves resale companies are often nothing more than a listing website, some don’t even provide this. They earn their revenue from collecting up-front fees from timeshare owners. These owners are simply looking for a way out of their timeshare so they can put an end to the yearly maintenance fees and other timeshare related fees. By promising a quick solution to this desire the timeshare owners agree to send them an up-front fee, after they send the money they never hear anything from the company again and no effort is even made to sell their timeshare. This has become a serious problem within the timeshare industry for timeshare owners. It seems like only a matter of time before other states begin to get involved in the industry and help provide owners with some timeshare relief, Vermont Attorney General may just be the next person to get involved and take action to protect consumers.